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A Sportbike Cruise Control That Allows Maximum Control

By July 31, 2012January 6th, 2015Main

Motorcycle riding has become an ever popular mode of transport. Especially in a world where the economy has driven up the cost of automobiles and fuel, motorbiking is no longer just a favored pastime of weekend riders and road adventurers. These days, more and more commuters are opting for sportbikes, cruisers and many other motorcycles as a means of transport.

As anyone who has spent any amount of time in the saddle of a motorcycle knows, motorcycling carries with it certain inherent pitfalls and dangers. The fact that drivers of larger vehicles don’t always seem to see a motorcyclist sharing the road with them, defensive driving techniques become essential on the part of any biker wishing to avoid accidents or mishaps. Foul weather is also a frequent consideration, and anyone spending hours on the road exposed to the vagaries of mother nature will certainly want to be prepared with a selection of proper riding gear.

Long trips on the back of a bike can be a great source of fun and adventure but, as any experienced rider knows, long rides can also be quite physically demanding. One chief complaint voiced by many who have engaged in long-distance travel on a cycle is the fatiguing effect on the arms, wrists, back and shoulders. One of the main sources of this body stress and strain is that motorcycling requires a constant grip on the handlebars, even when driving on a long straightaway, but especially when the road has lots of turns and bends.

Some motorcycles come equipped with a sportbike cruise control system, similar to the cruise control found in many automobiles, and this setup can certainly bring relief when cruising down a long, straight highway. Aftermarket sportbike cruise controls can also be purchased for motorcycles that are not so equipped from the factory, but these are fairly expensive to buy and tricky to install. A cruise control is also not much use on winding roads or when driving around town and, at times, can present danger to the rider when engaged at any time other than when riding on a long, straight road.

As an alternative, throttle locking devices are sold as a means of overcoming the force of the throttle return spring, allowing a rider to relax his or her grip on the right side handlebar somewhat, since the throttle will be locked in the open position. Using a throttle lock, however, can be dangerous, especially when emergency evasion is required to avoid a mishap or accident.

A Sportbike Cruise Control Like No Other

While not technically a cruise control, but rather a cruise ‘assist’, the Crampbuster is an ingenious piece of low-tech motorcycle after-market gear. Low-tech in the sense that it’s basically just a C-shaped chunk of plastic that doesn’t look like anything special, once installed and put into operation, it seems a true engineering marvel.

STANDARD- Fits One 5/16 Inch And Smaller Diameter Grips

OVERSIZE – Fits One 3/8 inch And Larger Diameter Grips

Inexpensive and easy to install in just seconds without the need for tools, Crampbuster does exactly as the name implies — it takes away the wrist-cramping tendency imposed by having to constantly grip the handlebars while riding a motorcycle. Sometimes referred to by users as a wrist rest, it’s a low-cost alternative to a sportbike cruise control system that makes riding more comfortable, more enjoyable and, ultimately – safer.

It can be used around town and on hilly, winding roads where an ordinary cruise control is not recommended and provides a wrist-rest platform that totally alleviates that familiar but frustrating tension and fatigue to riders’ hands, wrists, arms and shoulders.

Manufactured from a high-density plastic strong enough to warrant a one year replacement guarantee, Crampbuster comes in a variety of sizes with a choice of black or chrome finish.

It simply springs open to fit over and around a motorcycle’s handgrip in a matter of seconds. While originally intended for use on the right-side throttle grip, many have found it to bring such relief that they have purchased an additional unit for installation on the left-side grip as well. While neither a cruise control nor a throttle lock, this throttle ‘assist’ offers more throttle control than either.

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