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Why A Motorcycle Throttle Lock May Not Be The Best Option

By February 26, 2012January 6th, 2015Main

When it comes to giving a motorcycle the convenience of cruise control, the conventional wisdom often states that the best (or only) way to do this is by installing a motorcycle throttle lock. There are websites and promotional materials everywhere that declare this as the best option for motorcycle owners. But conventional wisdom is often wrong and, in this case that is no exception. Throttle locks certainly do their job, but a throttle “assist” — rather than a lock — is likely a better option that has flown under the radar for some time.

Easier to Install than a Motorcycle Throttle Lock

There is certainly a large subset of motorcycle owners who love nothing more than a good excuse to break down and install some kind of new hardware which will totally change the way they cruise down the road. For that set, the installation process required of a motorcycle throttle lock is likely no big deal. But those individuals hardly constitute the majority of motorcycle owners. Many simply prefer a bike that works, that requires minimal maintenance, and that will hardly ever inconvenience them.

Motorcycle Throttle Lock Alternative

Backed by it’s one year warranty, the Crampbuster is a great alternative to an expensive motorcycle throttle lock.
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For this large group of people, the motorcycle throttle assist like the Crampbuster is the ideal option.

Unlike competing throttle locks, the assist does not require a complex installation process. There’s nothing to tear apart, repair, or replace. Instead, products like the Crampbuster motorcycle throttle assist simply slip right onto the bike after being sprung open. No tools are required, no disassembly is needed, and the tool can be used virtually instantly. For the motorcycle enthusiast — rather than hobbyist — this is the ideal way to reduce common incidents of wrist fatigue during a long ride. And its lack of maintenance makes it the easiest way to relieve this pain.

A Motorcycle Throttle Lock Can Be Expensive

Customers shop for their motorcycle based on a number of factors: quality, style, and affordability. When it comes to a comparison between prices, the throttle assist — such as that sold by Crampbuster — is a hands-down winner on affordability.

The average throttle lock for a motorcycle can cost as much as $250, and that doesn’t even include the time it will take to install the device. Furthermore, the less-skilled motorcycle owner will likely have to take the bike to a mechanic in order to have this device installed, which is another large bill to add to the total cost of purchasing a throttle lock. Most people are simply unwilling to bear the cost of this procedure, and so many of them go without any kind of motorcycle cruise device at all.

Motorcycle throttle assists like the Crampbuster are not only easier to install — and thus require no mechanic — but they’re also exponentially more affordable to purchase and own. For just $10.95, you can pickup a Crampubster. It’s obvious that this is a dramatic savings over the throttle lock. Even the most expensive throttle assist options are as much as 90 percent cheaper than competing throttle locks. It’s the kind of savings that really is a no-brainer for the well-educated motorcycle owner.

Guaranteed Replacement of Defective or Damaged Products

All of our Crampbusters come with a one year warranty and are guaranteed to work. This commitment to customer satisfaction is not common among many companies who sell throttle locks. Because these more intensive solutions must be installed manually, and often function differently based on the bike and the quality of installation, many throttle lock companies simply do not back up their products with as firm a guarantee.

With Crampbster there’s no fine print, no complex warranty, and no “gotcha” legalese. If the device breaks, it’s replaced. When combined with its overall lower cost of purchase and installation, it just makes sense for the average motorcycle owner to choose this option.

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