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Ride With Comfort!

The Original Motorcycle Cruise Assist

STANDARD- Fits One & 5/16 Inch ( 1  5/16″) (33.34 mm) And Smaller Diameter Grips

OVERSIZE – Fits One & 3/8 Inch (1  3/8″)  (33.35 mm) And Larger Diameter Grips

Crampbuster Cruise Assist for Motorcycles – Electric Bikes – Scooters

The Crampbuster allows you to comfortably maintain a steady throttle control on your motorcycle. It eliminates the need to clench your wrist for long periods of time and makes riding much more enjoyable. This easy-to-install paddle dramatically reduces wrist fatigue often caused by long rides.

No tools are required for installation. Just spring it open and slip it on.

The Crampbuster is not a throttle lock, but rather a motorcycle cruise assist. With a relaxed hand on the throttle, this type of cruise control allows for much easier throttle operation. A Crampbuster is easier to operate and more versatile than traditional and mechanical motorcycle cruise controls.

We have five different models to choose from. We have a size for over sized grips that you’ll find on a Harley motorcycle, as well as a wide, narrow, long and short model.

Try it: You’ll like it.  Crampbuster has sold tens of thousands of products with just as many satisfied customers!

Please note:  Shipping within USA and “Limited Countries” at this time.