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The CrampBuster is the original motorcycle cruise assist. Thousands of customers worldwide enjoy the ease of use of this simple motorcycle grip control. See how a CrampBuster can benefit you today.

Benefits of Using the CrampBuster Motorcycle Throttle Assist

  • Full motorcycle throttle control with a relaxed hand
  • Reduces hand fatigue and cramping
  • Comfortably fits your hand
  • Easier throttle operation
  • Eliminates throttle “creep”
  • It’s not a cruise throttle lock

Why Buy a CrampBuster

  • More throttle control than a conventional motorcycle cruise control.
  • It’s a motorcycle grip assist, not a cruise throttle lock!
  • Crampbuster is the original design, not a copy or an imitation. When you buy a Crampbuster you are supporting the person who invented it!

What our customers say:

“Have used these every since I had a mini stroke which affected my right arm. Neurologists was amazed that I could ride after the stroke, and I told him this was my therapy. I ride everyday and the Crampbuster has assured me of it.”  Thanks – Michael R

“It must be the Midol for the hand. I tried numerous products for cruise control on my Vulcan 900, but it wasn’t until I tried your product that I found something that required less energy to use.  It is truly an effortless cruise control! …I would have paid double for it…. You make a GREAT product, hope you have much success!”

“Wow! Thank you for the prompt delivery and processing of my order. This simple device is everything you promised it would be…..Amazing and amazingly simple. You’ve probably saved me hundreds of dollars now that I won’t need to seek a more complicated and expensive speed control solution.”

– Barry

“Your product is the best accessory, under $100.00, I have added to any of my bikes. I am even considering putting one on my FLH, which has cruise control, to ease the grip while holding the front brake on hills etc..
. My wife loves it. Thank you for a great product.”
– Truck

Just a note of appreciation for your product. I was almost to the point of giving up long distance rides on my Harley-Davidson Sportster due to the cramping of my throttle hand after short period of time. It got to the point where I felt it was dangerous and was not sure I could brake in a hurry if need be. I tried modifying my handlebars, using various gloves and … installing vibranators which helped some but not enough. I ordered your crampbuster and it made a world of difference. It is the single most improvement I have made to make my riding experience enjoyable again and it was very cost effective. Thank You!



Questions & Answers:

Q. How does it work?

A. There are no moving parts or tools required. It works on the principle of an oil filter wrench. Simply “stretch” it open and snap it on the outside of your grip. It will rotate clockwise (upward for adjustment) but when turned down “counter clockwise”  by the weight of your palm it “pinches” the grip and the throttle is pulled open by the weight of the hand.

To Go Faster, simply lift it a little (causing it to rotate up clockwise) then rest your palm back on it.

To Go Slower, simply spin it up clockwise completely around until it comes up into a position “a little lower” than before.

Q. What size do I need?

There are two diameters;

Standard” is 1  5/16″ diameter and fits most stock grips. If your grip is 1 5/16″ or smaller you need the Standard CrampBuster.

Oversize” which is 1 3/8″ diameter and is designed mainly for the larger grips. Your grip needs to be 1  3/8″ diameter or larger, otherwise the oversize may slip and not work properly.

Our Throttle Paddle Sizes

Standard – 1 5/16″ diameter

CB1 CB1 – Long Narrow Paddle

CB2 CB2 – Short wide paddle

newpink CB2-P – Short wide paddle in Pink

Oversize – 1 3/8″ diameter

CB3 CB3 – Long narrow paddle

CB4 CB4 – Short wide paddle


Q. How do I order one?

Best Way is Online

Questions please call 541-582-3499  Monday – Friday PST 8am – 5 pm

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Don’t have a credit card? Send check or money order to, allow extra time for the check to clear:

RyKel Industries
P.O. Box 1103
Rogue River, OR 97537

All orders shipped within 1-2 business days.

Return Policy: 30 days no questions asked for full refund and 1 year for replacement if the product breaks.*

*Counterfeit Crampbuster’s are being sold on the web!  If you purchased from a online Dealer, you will need to contact that online Dealer for warranty or a refund.  Our online Crampbuster Dealer’s will stand behind our product!

Monday thru Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Pacific Standard Time.