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Looking For A Good Harley Cruise Control? Why Not Try This Alternative?

By October 25, 2011January 6th, 2015Main

One of the biggest thrills for a Harley motorcycle enthusiast is riding his favorite bike on long, open stretch of road where traffic is minimal and he can enjoy the wind in his face. But such long drives can still cause stress as even though you do not have to maneuver a lot, just keeping the bike on a steady path still requires a considerable amount of effort. That is why, for a lot of people, the only solution is getting a Harley Cruise Control. But a good Harley Cruise Control can cost a pretty penny, and as many know, even the best, most expensive Harley Cruise Control products out there will still present some problems for the rider.

That’s why we encourage you to take a look at the Crampbusters.

OVERSIZE – Fits One 3/8 inch And Larger Diameter Grips

Is Crampbuster’s Motorcycle Cruise Control a good substitute for Harley Cruise Control?

If you take a look at this $10.95 product, you might think, “How can this little thing be an alternative to a hundred dollar Harley Cruise Control?” Well, the key here is ergonomics.

You might have heard of the term used in chairs, keyboards and other things that you use every day and rest a part of your body on. See, this little ice, when installed on your throttle, let’s you cruise and keep control of your bike at the best position possible. You can easily control your motorcycle with a relaxed hand because of the support of the ice.

Sure, it isn’t as complicated as a Harley Cruise Control, but that is the beauty of it. In its simplicity, you save hundreds of dollars and get great throttle control, even better than a conventional Harley Cruise Control.

For its very reasonable price, Crampbuster’s Motorcycle Cruise Control beats a Harley Cruise Control in one crucial thing — it keeps the bike totally under your control.

You exert minimal effort and keep your hand relaxed, but you don’t lose any control over the throttle. It really shows its value on long, winding roads when you really just want to enjoy the ride and not be bothered by cramps or throttle creep. You can choose to install a complex Harley Cruise Control and spend a considerable amount of money, or you can retain full control over your bike, for a very reasonable price.

Check out what our customers have to say about the product and see how it performs better, feels more natural and makes riding fun and comfortable.

Remember that for some things, the simplest answer provides the best solution to a nagging problem.

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