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“Crampbuster is amazing! I’m on a 10,000 mile trip and it is making my ride so much more enjoyable. It really does what it’s called, it’s preventing me from getting cramps 14199711_1290066804360763_5694870320136771571_n[1] in my palms my traps and my shoulder blades. I’m never riding without my Crampbuster again. Love this product, love this company!”

Too see Lauren’s facebook review and video click on the links:

Lauren’s FB review

“I had a light stroke a year ago which affected my right side. Our bike, being our only means of transportation was going to have to go. A friend suggested your product and getting back on the bike as rehab to gain function. Doctors were very hesitant as was my family. After one month I regained about 75% strength along with motor skills. When I visited my neurologist, he asked where I had went for rehab because I was doing so well. I told him to look out the window at the big purple machine. He was amazed as well as surprised. I would not have been able to do this without your product. I still have it on the bike and I commute and ride daily (approx. 100 miles a day, everyday). Thank you for helping me keep my life and the quality of it.”
– C Roberts