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A Cheap Cruise Control for Motorcycles backed by a One Year Guarantee

By August 21, 2012August 31st, 2023Main

We get a lot of fan mail coming in for this simple cruise control for motorcycles. Our customers are consistently raving about it’s comfort, easy installation, ease of use, and their relief from wrist or hand pain, and the money savings!

Comfortable & Easy to Use Cruise Control

Most of our satisfied customers comment on the comfort level of our cruise control. Operating a throttle for long periods of time causes cramping, hence the aptly named Crampbuster brand. Even a ride of 20 minutes can cause hand fatigue, and it certainly makes it less comfortable to ride a bike. The Crampbuster fits the hand without chafing or soreness, no matter who on the throttle. Sometimes it is referred to as a wrist rest, because it actually does create a platform on which to rest the wrist while riding.

It is important to note that the Crampbuster is not a throttle lock. Throttle locks are much more difficult to install, while the Crampbuster is easily and quickly put into place. Even a novice motorcycle owner will be able to install it and be ready to ride again in minutes. The cruise assist stretches open and snaps in place onto the motorcycle grip without tools.

To operate the Crampbuster, the rider needs only to turn it counter clockwise with the weight of his hand. This pulls open the throttle. To adjust the speed, simply pull over and stop the bike and adjust the Crampbuster by spinning it clockwise.

A traditional cruise controls can be pretty much useless on a motorcycle on any road except a long, straight stretch. This is the reason throttle locks are desired in the first place. These simply keep the throttle locked open to decrease wrist fatigue. However, the throttle lock can be dangerous when a rider has to swerve quickly. The Crampbuster cruise control can be used on any type of road. It gives full throttle control with a relaxed hand.

Saving Money When Buying a Cruise Control

Pursuing hobbies is generally expensive. Purchasing a motorcycle is no exception. Even if you are able to find an affordable bike, the accessories can require a lot of extra cash. It is an unfortunate fact that many things offered as add-ons for your motorcycle will be pricey. Many ride motorcycles as a way to save money on commutes, so it makes sense that a lower cost cruise control should be available.

The throttle locks can cost over $200 before installation fees. For the budget-conscious motorcycle owner, this is simply not an option. One of the most attractive things about the Crampbuster is the cost. The only money that you will ever need to spend on our cruise control is $10.95. If you order online directly from us, shipping is very inexpensive because of the light weight of the cramp busters. This is a huge savings, especially when one considers all the other superior benefits mentioned.

Perhaps the best thing about the cost of the Crampbuster is, it need only be purchased once. Even though it is inexpensive and does not look impressive compared to other cruise control options, we will replace it with no questions asked. This is a one year warranty that covers breakage or simply dissatisfaction with how the product works.

Perhaps you have been doing without a cruise control due to novice installation skills, inferior products available or high cost. Now you can make your ride more enjoyable for a very minimal cost!

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