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Cheap Honda Motorcycle Cruise Control Kit Substitute

By January 27, 2012January 6th, 2015Main

As any long-distance motorcycle rider will attest, it isn’t the bugs in your teeth or rain that can make a great motorcycle trip unbearable, it is the cramps that set in in the arms, legs and back during highway cruising. If you are looking for a Honda motorcycle cruise control, a Harley cruise control, a BMW motorcycle cruise control, or any other for that matter, you’ve come to the right place. We know that it’s of greatest concern to many riders that the right arm can start to cramp up after long rides. The left arm controls the clutch, and thus is able to be removed from the handlebars on occasion to stretch out, scratch an itch or adjust a helmet. The rider can flex their fingers or lay their palm flat on the grip. The right hand, by contrast, controls the throttle. The throttle, because it is spring-loaded, doesn’t allow the rider to remove their hand or flex their fingers, and doesn’t allow them to lay their palm flat on the grip while maintaining control of the bike.

STANDARD- Fits One 5/16 Inch And Smaller Diameter Grips

OVERSIZE – Fits One 3/8 inch And Larger Diameter Grips

Rather than being an electrical component that must be professionally installed on the motorcycle, or a complicated mechanical contraption that makes the front of the bike look like something out of a science fiction movie, the Crampbuster is an ideal Honda motorcycle cruise control substitute and it installs quickly. Also, it is very reasonably priced at just $10.95. It can be had in black plastic or chrome to match the styling of the bike, and in two widths. Rather than a traditional cruise control such as might be found in a car, the Crampbuster allows the rider to lay their palm of their right hand flat on the handlebar while still maintaining speed and control of the bike.

Installing Your Cruise Control

Installing the Crampbuster is easy on Honda motorcycles. If you have chrome grips, first install the rubber gripper that comes included with the Crampbuster. Next, clean off the grip of any dirt or debris, and then pull open the curled portion of the cruise assist. The cruise assist installs with the flat portion pointed toward the rear of the motorcycle and the flat portion of the grip approximately even with the upper edge of the grip. Next, adjust the control so that it is pointed slightly up.

Using the Crampbuster is as easy as installing it. Push the Crampbuster around the handlebar until the palm rest is positioned where you want. By placing your palm on top, you’ll find yourself able to allow the weight of your hand to hold down the throttle while your fingers rest on the brake lever. The Crampbuster won’t be able to slip and release the throttle unless you lift your palm off of it.

Honda Motorcycle Cruise ControlThe only Honda Motorcycle that has factory-installed cruise control is the Goldwing. The Crampbuster brings the same comfort to riders who enjoy the rest of the Honda lineup. Not only can the Crampbuster be used on cruisers and touring bikes, it also can be used to increase the comfort of Honda sport bikes. Considering the expense of many of today’s aftermarket Honda accessories, the Crampbuster is practically a steal, affording riders the ability to maintain a comfortable riding position and concentrate on the road ahead rather than the discomfort in their hand. When it comes to a cheap Honda motorcycle cruise control, we feel that the Crampbuster is the way to go.

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