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BMW Motorcycle Cruise Control For Less Than $11?

By December 28, 2011January 6th, 2015Main

With the cost of an aftermarket BMW motorcycle cruise control running more than $1,000, the Crampbuster, a cruise assist device priced at $10.95, is a welcome addition to the motorcycle accessories market.

Normally, a BMW motorcycle cruise control would require an extensive installation, a costly process added to the already high priced electronics required to for the job. The Crampbuster has that beaten as well with an installation that takes just seconds and requires absolutely no special tools or skill.

STANDARD- Fits One 5/16 Inch And Smaller Diameter Grips

OVERSIZE – Fits One 3/8 inch And Larger Diameter Grips

The BMW Cruise Control Alternative

The Crampbuster is not a traditional cruise control in any sense. Instead, the device is a simple bit of flexible plastic that forms itself to your motorcycle’s throttle. The unbreakable plastic sleeve wraps around the throttle, and an extending flange gives the rider a place to rest his palm while riding, allowing him to keep the throttle advanced without having to grip the control.

Once in place, the Crampbuster can be moved up without affecting the throttle’s position, but when pushed down the Crampbuster’s spiral design clamps itself on the throttle grip to provide torque. It’s grasp is so tight and its movement so precise, the rider can control the acceleration with just the pressure of his hand resting on the grip.

Giving speed control without requiring a firm grip on the throttle is an ingenious solution for keeping engine vibration and signal noise from the road from numbing riders’ hands. All the work of holding the throttle’s position is done just by resting a hand on the CrampBuster, eliminating hand and finger fatigue and painful cramping caused by maintaining a firm grip during extended rides.

The Crampbuster is designed to look good and work well. It’s sleek profile will fit right in with BMW’s stylish designs, and the unit is available in either a matte black or chrome finish. To help increase comfort, the CrampBuster comes in a narrow, less noticeable style or in a wider version that gives more space for the hand to rest. The wider model also has a shorter tab for greater riding comfort.

Installation could not be easier. Simple uncoil the Crampbuster cruise assist device and allow it to curl itself around the hand grip of the throttle. For slick chrome throttles, the Crampbuster includes an easily fit wide rubber ring to slip over the handle. The entire installation, which requires absolutely no tools whatsoever, can be completed in under one minute. Two sizes are available, one for throttle diameters up to 1 3/8 inches and one for larger, thicker throttles.

The Crampbuster has received rave reviews from motorcycle publications. Motor Cyclist Magazine says the Crampbuster is a must-have for every long-distance rider, giving it five stars out of five, and Dealernews named the Crampbuster one of 2010’s top 100 motorcycle accessories.

With its ingenious yet simple and good-looking design, the Crampbuster’s throttle lock replacement is a perfect riding accessory for those who don’t want to pay for the sky-high cost of a BMW motorcycle cruise control.

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