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Winter Motorcycle Riding Tips

By December 15, 2015December 17th, 2015News / Announcements

The love of motorcycle riding doesn’t die with the changes of the seasons. One can still enjoy winter motorcycle riding even when the cold season hits. However, for some bikers, riding during the winter season is actually not an winter motorcycle storage tipsoption. When you ask them about how one should go about winter motorcycle riding, most of them will just tell you to park your bike in the garage and wait for spring. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. With a little common sense, the right gear, as well as some minor changes when it comes to your riding style, you can comfortably continue riding safely regardless of the winter weather.

If you wish to go for a ride during this time of the year, there should be nothing to stop you. All you need to know is simply how to stay safe as well as treat the road with ultimate respect like you do in the summer. The following are some winter motorcycle riding tips to help you avoid a number of common hazards that motorcycle riders may face during the winter season.

Respect the roads

From the autumn rain storms that mix with the accumulated oil and grease throughout the summer, to the treacherous ice of the winter frosts, riding conditions during the winter season needs your ultimate respect. During this time of the year, the conditions demand a lot of care and attention. Therefore, take it slow, use your lane and also give yourself space to adjust, adapt. If you have a long ride ahead, plan to stop and have several warm up sessions along the way.

Service your bike always

Proper maintenance of your motorcycle is just a good practice, but in the winter months you want to pay extra attention to your tires. Worn or low tires aren’t going to cut it on snow roads and, icy driveways. Make sure that each and every part of your motorcycle is working properly during the winter season. You cannot entrust your safety on the bike unless you have checked it thoroughly. If you identify a damaged part, then you need to replace it immediately. In fact, one broken part may cause a number of problems when you’re on the road during the winter weather.

Stay warm

If you have been in a car when you are a bit weary and the heater has been on, you will realize that it is quite easy to nod off. Strangely, when it comes to motorbikes, it is very similar. When you start to get cold, you will absolutely find yourself getting tired. Once you are cold, your concentration starts to fade, and also your reaction times will be relatively slower. Drowsiness is dangerous! Staying warm is one of the best things you can do to ensure a safer ride during the winter season.

Focus on keeping your extremities warm since they are more vulnerable to the cold. Quality boots, gloves, and a neck tube can help to keep the cold at bay during the winter weather.


Test your gear

When you are riding on wet roads, it’s very important to take your time to carry out system checks. Test your lights, ensure that your indicators are working properly, and you definitely want to pump your brakes from time to time. Trying your brakes out more often can absolutely give you a clear indication of stopping distance at various speeds. It’s certainly worth doing.

Rider visibility

Riders need to be more visible to the other road users. Wearing reflective clothing helps other road users to easily see you, particularly on the dark mornings as well as early evenings. Making contact with the drivers by use of the mirrors makes you visible to them. Avoid riding in very strong winds, however, if it’s unavoidable, then always be aware of the dangerous objects that could be swept onto the roads like carrier bags, tree branches, boxes, cones among many others.

These are some of the winter motorcycle riding tips that will always keep you away from the motorcycle storage regardless of the bad weather conditions.