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Be Seen on Your Motorcycle

By October 12, 2016March 10th, 2017News / Announcements

As we approach the fall riding season there is the beauty of the fall colors and mist in the air.  While enjoying life on your motorcycle cruising down the road, you also need to make sure you are visible riding a motorcycle.

Riding Gear

There is a reason that construction or highway workers wear high vis reflective vest and coats, they can be seen. Since you are about the same size as your motorcycle,  you need to stand out.  By wearing a visible jacket and helmet, this is the easiest way you can be seen.

Driving Habit

When you are on a straight stretch of ride why not alter your lane position. Move around in an abnormal pattern so that you will be noticed.  It catches the eye of another driver, saying look at me.  While splitting lanes is legal in California, it should always be done with great caution.  Make sure the drivers will be able to see you, since it happens fast. You can read more about that in this Article on CA lane splitting  from the Orange County Register.



LED daytime driving lights provide  good light during the day. What a difference they make at night, the visibility for you to see and be seen are amazing.  You can put them most anywhere on your motorcycle.  There are so many choices on the market today.  Do your research to find the best fit for you and the style of your motorcycle.



Be aware in traffic that the other drivers may not see you. Watch for their blind spots while changing lanes.  Once while riding an older lady pulled right out in front of me.  Fortunately, I had my eye on her before she pulled out and was able to avoid major injury.  Yes, I had to put the bike down but it was at a slow enough speed that she got a nice dent in her car and I walked away with a few sore muscles.


Sound Travels

Sound does carry, I can hear a good set of pipes before I see the motorcycle. Just check with the local laws regarding noise restrictions.  Remember if those pipes can be heard by others your ears are hearing the same thing,  be sure and protect them.


Forethought can go a long way towards making your riding experience more enjoyable. As you are cruising on the road do so without wrist pain and include a Crampbuster motorcycle cruise assist for your throttle hand.  It will make it effortless to twist and grip the throttle.  Enjoy the ride!