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TravelScoot Accessory the Crampbuster

By December 2, 2016March 10th, 2017Main

CB3Crampbuster: an Accessory to TravelScoot

Mobility scooters are the tool for many to remain mobile.  The TravelScoot is one of the world’s lightest electric mobility scooter for those who need just a little bit of help getting around.  It is easy to handle and lacks bulk.  It is operated with batteries.  Pack it in a car, plane, train or public transportation.  Set-up and break-down takes less than a minute! Check out their website.

If you decide to purchase a scooter then you will need a Crampbuster.  The Crampbuster is known worldwide as a motorcycle accessory for the rider’s throttle.  Now many customers have discovered using a Crampbuster as an aid to their TravelScoot Mobility Scooter!   It will eliminate the need to twist and squeeze the throttle, so no more tension on your wrist!

Simple device to help to get you going! 

Since the TravelScoot has a twist throttle similar to a motorcycle the Crampbuster is perfect to help you twist and squeeze the throttle.  It will eliminate the need to grip continually as you are using  your scooter.  Some customers will add a second Crampbuster to the left side to use as a hand rest. Check out these recommendations from other TravelScoot users at Elizabeth’s Travelscoot blog.

Lightweight  and Easy to Install

The Crampbuster only weights 1 ounce so no extra weight will be added to your lightweight TravelScoot.  No tools are required to install your Crampbuster.  Just open it and slide it on.  It works like an oil filter wrench, it moves freely when moved clockwise but when you press down (counterclockwise) it will regulate your throttle.  If for some reason you do not want to use your Crampbuster, then it can be taken off with no tools.  Just twist and turn and off it comes.

If you are needing a little extra help regulating your throttle on your TravelScoot  then Crampbuster is for you.  Your purchase comes with a one year warranty against breakage.  If for any reason it breaks, no questions asked, it is replaced!  Priced right too!