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Training Kids to Ride Motorcycles

By July 21, 2017Main

You love motorcycle riding and it is only natural for you to want to share the love of motorcycles with your young ones.  But at what age do you start training kids to ride motorcycles?  Are there state regulations for training and certificates that are required to ride on public lands?

Well, speaking from experience we purchased our first Honda 50 for our grandson when he was 3 years old.  IMG00008 (2)He enjoyed sitting on it in the garage until he got a little older.  We even purchased training wheels for it, which were a joke.  So save your money and be patient, your child  will grow to fit the motorcycle.  Until then you will get your exercise running alongside, ready to grab the motorcycle or your kid until they get the hang of it.  Remember safety first, must haves are a chest protector, helmet, boots, gloves, and proper riding gear.

P1050145Once you are confident that the youngster can stay upright and maneuver the motorcycle the fun begins.  Many hours are spent watching the laps in the pasture and around the property, seeing the joy it brings to the young one.  This will keep them satisfied for awhile, then the need for new scenery is asked for.  Here in Oregon since January 1, 2014 all operators of quads, ATV’s, and off-road motorcycles must have an ATV Safety Education card when operating on lands open to public use.  This means us as grown ups need one too, even if you have your motorcycle endorsement.

               Here is how Oregon handles the program.

  • Take the online course and pass the test on the website: 1-2 hours.
  • You will receive a plastic card in the mail. You may print the temporary card.
  • Carry the card when you are riding on public lands.

Youth under the age of 16 are required to get hands on training.  These classes are usually held every month and offered through the Parks and Recreation Department. Here is a link for the  Oregon Course Information: Oregon Ride Youth Program

Oregon does have some exemptions for out of state riders and new riders:

  1. You are from out of state and have completed an ATV Safety Education Course in your resident state.
  2. If you are renting an ATV or off-road motorcycle, you can complete a safety checklist administered by the rental business and you must carry proof of completion.
  3. You purchase a new or used vehicle. The dealer can administer a safety checklist. However this is only a temporary 30 day permit, you must complete the online ATV Safety Course.

The above regulations may sound like a lot of trouble, but not when you consider the lessons we are teaching new riders.  Safety and respect comes first, as well as knowing the laws of the land.  We have a new generation of young ones to train and help learn to love riding motorcycles!


Ride With Comfort!

The Crampbuster Team