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5 Top Tips for Handling A Heavy Touring Motorcycle

By July 15, 2016January 4th, 2017News / Announcements

Touring Motorcycle

Have you seen riders on huge Harleys wobbling through moderate traffic or attempting to perform a U-turn by stabilizing the bike and paddling with their feet on the ground? This is because the weight of a big touring bike is almost twice the weight of your average street bike making them difficult to maneuver.

Some riders have no problem handling a heavy touring motorcycle, but this requires ability and much practice. Here are some things that you can do to make handling your touring motorcycle less demanding.

A Handy List:

  1. Keep your head up – Try not to look down when riding slowly. Just like a focused tightrope walker will never look down, neither should you.
  2. Point your feet: When you are executing a sharp turn, the first step should be to put your foot down on the side that you want to turn. That means your right foot goes down for right turns, and your left foot goes down for left turns. The secret is to point that foot where you want to go. It sounds strange, but this will help you to adjust your posture to make it work. Give it a try.
  3. Apply brakes reasonably: At moderate speeds, stay away from the front brake as it can make the front wheel lock and skid and with all that weight, you will not be able to keep the bike upright. Instead, use the back brake because it will support and stabilize the bike – while slowing down. Just grip the front brake tenderly as you arrive at a final stop.
  4. While traveling long distances use a cruise assist: The Crampbuster cruise assist from allows you to comfortably maintain a steady throttle control on your touring motorcycle. It eliminates the need to clench your hands for extended periods of time and makes riding much more enjoyable. This easy to install paddle dramatically reduces wrist fatigue often caused by long rides on heavy motorcycles.
  5. Park well: When you are ready to take a place, be sure to scout out some place with a level, smooth surface. Be sure to think through getting going again, before you park. That will help to ensure that your take off is as smooth as your parking job.

Having a heavy motorcycle can be a lot of fun. These tips will help to make sure you can handle your touring motorcycle easily. Ride Safely!