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Six Tips for Cruising In Comfort as the Leaves Change

By October 31, 2015Main

Every new season offers new sights and challenges while you are cruising. Fall is upon us, and now is a great time to head out on the open road and take in the full experience. As the leaves start to change some stunning views can be had and with this, the scents of fall are reminding us that winter is right around the corner.

With the weather getting a little chiller and with less daylight available there are a few things you will want to keep in mind on your cruise. We have put some tips together to help you stay safe and comfortable – after all, we want you to have the best ride possible. Being prepared is the key to making sure you will enjoy your motorcycle ride; here are six tips for comfortable cruising as the leaves change.


#1.  Dressing for fall can be tricky

While we know that the weather is starting to turn chilly, in fall there are also these strange warm days when the weather fluctuates. Dressing in layers can help you be more comfortable while you are out on the road. This is also a great time to break out the leather. Leather is durable and great body armor for the road, it will also help protect you from the wind chill that is often found in the cool autumn air.

#2. Watch for critters

During the autumn months and into winter, animals start looking for alternative food sources and this can push them to more highly populated areas and roads. Collisions with deer are most common in the fall and autumn months so make sure you are keeping an eye out for them, especially on winding and rural roads where they are most often found. Their natural camouflage makes it a bit tricky to spot them especially during dusk when the deer are most active.

#3. Look out for leaves

While the glorious colors can be captivating in the treetops, the leaves on the ground are a different matter. You want to watch out for leaves on the road; after they change, the leaves fall and this can cause a few challenges on your motorcycle ride. Dry leaves can hide rocks or cracks in the road, so pay attention to their positioning on the road. If there is a large gathering of leaves, chances are that they have fallen into a pothole or crack so try to avoid that spot, or slow down a bit. Wet leaves present their own kind of challenge – as they start to decompose they can become very slick which can lead to fairly dangerous conditions. Use caution and go slow in areas that are really wet and where leaves build up.

#4. The early bird gets the ice!

You early risers out there should keep in mind that the early morning has its own little surprises. Morning dew or frost can create small wet or icy patches and while you might be an experienced motorcycle rider, keep in mind that you are not the only one on the road. While you might be aware of the weather changes, other drivers might still be in summer driving mode.

#5. Shorter sunlight hours

As we head into winter, daylight grows more and more scarce so make sure that when you are riding early or late that your lights are on. Your visibility will be lessened around these times so try to stick to routes that you know well to avoid any surprises.

#6. Cruise in comfort!

A lovely fall afternoon motorcycle ride is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon and the CrampBuster can ensure your ride is smooth and comfortable. With the CrampBuster you have easy motorcycle cruise assist right in the palm of your hand. The CrampBuster is an easy to install throttle assist that gives your hand a rest from gripping the throttle throughout your cruise. Even if your bike does have cruise control the CrampBuster is still a great addition because it is easier to use and more intuitive for cruising on the road.