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Tips for Selling Your Old Motorcycle

By April 7, 2017Main

Sometimes it’s good to let go. Selling an old motorcycle to trade up to something even better can certainly be a good thing. Let’s consider some ways you can get that old motorcycle out the door for a price that you will be happy with.

Be Realistic

At times, we can look at our motorcycles with rose colored glasses. We believe they are worth far more than what they really are. Whoever is looking at your bike will likely have checked its’ value before they even call you. So be diligent and check out what your motorcycle is going for. Check out  NADA Guides to get you started. Also have a really close look at the condition and be honest about that. You don’t want the buyer coming back on you because you sold them a lemon.

Make it Pretty

It doesn’t take much to clean up your bike and make it nice and shiny. It might be also worth your while to make some small repairs. Nothing sells better than a bike that shows pride of ownership.

Get your Ducks in a Row

So you have appraised your bike, cleaned it up. Now it’s time to get your paperwork together. Find your title and the service records (if possible) for your motorcycle. Better to find this stuff now than have to rummage around for it later.

Sell, Sell, Sell

Time to sell your old friend. Try to take as nice a picture as possible and try to get different angles. When it comes to advertising your bike, determine what your comfort level is as to how much information you would like to share. Do you want people coming to your house or would you rather they met you in a public place?

Once you have determined that you can post your ad online. Check out Cycle Trader or you can always use Craigslist.

Remember if your bike sells to grab your Crampbuster off of it. Don’t have one? Get one for the new motorcycle!

Happy Riding!