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See the National Parks By Motorcycle

By September 25, 2017September 29th, 2017Main

The first day of fall has come and gone. For those of who do not have kids in school it might just be the perfect time to hit the road. Why not consider seeing your national parks by motorcycle? With the summer rush over, it might just be the perfect time. Here is a quick view of a cluster of national parks that you can see easily on one trip.

The Grand Canyon

We have a soft spot for the Grand Canyon ( how can you not?).  Having been to the south rim in both October and December we can say it’s a really nice time to go. In December we even managed to snag one of the Bright Angel cabins which is not an easy thing to do in the peak travel season. Imagine cruising in on your motorcycle and feeling like you have the place to yourself (relatively speaking).


The South Rim is open year round but if you are planning to go to the north rim it closes some time around October so be sure to visit the National Parks website for exact dates:


There is a lot to see and do in Zion. We were there for one day and did not get to see it all.  One of our favorite spots was the emerald pools. The hikes in that part range from easy to moderate. One trail that is not for the faint of heart is Angels Landing. We only looked up at this hike. Essentially it is a path cut into a cliff face with some chains to hold on to. Not being wild about heights it was enough just to look up at it for us. Here is a link to a handy guide as to the trail difficulty:

Bryce Canyon

If you want to feel like you are on a different planet, this is it. We had never seen anything like it and pictures don’t quite do it justice. Covered with rock columns called hoodoos, Bryce is a special place. According to the national parks website hoodoos are found all over the world but Bryce has the largest concentration in the world. Some of them even start to look like people if you look at them for long enough.  Bryce is open year round but be sure to check the weather before you go as they do get snow:

When you do go to see these amazing parks please be considerate of others. The National Park Service has some recommendations for motorcycles that are helpful: .These tips should help you to avoid getting dirty looks from your fellow park goers!

Happy Riding,

The Crampbuster Team