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Road Trip Music

By September 5, 2017Main

We know summer is winding down but there will be plenty of fall riding coming and with that comes road trips. And a good road trip means a good road trip soundtrack! Here are a few suggestions to make your ride that much more enjoyable (We are going to avoid the very obvious Steppenwolf/Born to be Wild option.)

Open Road Music

These are tunes that are great for when you are out on the open road with nothing much to bother you.

ELO: Mr Blue Sky

Not to be too obvious, but this is a perfect sunny day song.  It can’t help but put you in a good mood, ready for the road. See the music video here:

The Traveling Wilburys: End of the Line

It’s a song that’s pretty hard not to like. Besides, considering, the talent that was in the Traveling Wilburys (Bob Dylan, Jeff Lynne (see ELO above), Tom Petty, Roy Orbison, and George Harrison) you are bound to like one of their members at least!

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Up Around The Bend

This is a good one to get you started. It is about getting out of town for a while. Something we all need to do from time to time.

Doctor My Eyes: Jackson Browne

This is a deceptive song that grabs you with its upbeat tune. Listen to the lyrics though. They aren’t as happy as the music behind them, which makes for an interesting song.

Horrible Traffic Music

When traffic is really awful the last thing you want is some sort of heavy metal or hard rock music to make you feel even more agitated. Here are a few options to get you through.

Piano Music

You may not be a classical music fan, but trust us; this does help soothe the frayed nerves on the road. It couldn’t hurt right? Chopin is a good choice.

Jan & Dean: Little Old Lady from Pasadena

Why this one? For one it is funny and you might just see some drivers that remind you of the little old lady from Pasadena.

These are just a few tunes that we like and hope that you will find them road-worthy too! But remember to exercise caution and make sure you can still pay attention to what is going on around you while you listen to music.


Ride With Comfort!

The Crampbuster Team