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Riding your Motorcycle on the Tail of the Dragon

By February 8, 2017March 10th, 2017Main

Riding the Tail of the Dragon in North Carolina and Tennessee

This is a world famous drive by car or motorcycle.  Many a rider have either tamed the Dragon or wanted to.  The Dragon is 318 curves within an 11 mile span.  It is a two lane stretch of US Highway 129 north out of Graham/Swain Counties into Tennessee. Here are a few tips for riding the Tail of the Dragon .


Food for Thought:

It is has a posted 25-30 MPH speed limit, most obey, those who do not can be called “organ donors”

Interestingly there are no driveways, thank goodness!

You should find it fairly flat with banking to help with the corners.

Stay on your half of the lane (way over) when entering a blind corner.

If you can ride early before traffic, do so.

You are in the forest watch out for animals.

No place to break down; make sure your motorcycle is in good shape.

Enjoy yourself! Crampbuster - Motorcycle Wrist Rest

A must stop is at “Deals Gap Resort” it is a tradition and destination!  They are open early March through mid November.  Check their website for exact times Deals Gap Resort

They have a great restaurant, motel, store and camping.  Some of the nicest people you will meet!  Be sure and check out the “Tree of Shame” with its bike parts nailed to it.  If you happen to have forgotten your Crampbuster head on into the store, you will find a supply.

Photo credit: Pinterest and Motorcycle USA