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Riding Your Motorcycle Getting Pulled Over By Police

By February 28, 2018Uncategorized

Riding Your Motorcycle, … Then You Get Pulled Over By the Police

‘Points to Ponder’. … before you even leave home

Picture this, riding your motorcycle and getting pulled over by the police, what should you do?  That stinks, there goes the quick ride to town, or your weekend cruise is now spoiled.  No it’s not, you didn’t do anything wrong, … or did you? disc pics 083

What happened, why are you getting pulled over by the police?

Sometimes it’s easy to let the speed get away from you.  But usually you have a feel for how fast you are going.  Maybe it wasn’t your speed.  Did you forget to come to a complete stop at the last stop sign?  If an officer is familiar with riding a motorcycle they may know that a complete stop with putting your feet down is not that easy.  Hopefully they realize that your stop was a safe one.  Very seldom will you see a motorcyclist not stop, and just pull out in front of traffic.

Maybe it has something to do with your motorcycle, such as license plate or a light out.  However, a good rider is usually aware of their bike’s have’s and have not’s.   Does your helmet comply with legal standards?  Maybe your skull cap looks like no helmet at all. Know the laws of the state you are riding in, here is Oregon’s helmet law. 

Now what should you do…..

The bottom line is, you now need to address the officer, hopefully in a respectful manner. Believe it or not, that will go along way, so relax:

  • Turn your motorcycle off
  • Remove your helmet                                                                                                                             pexels-photo-532001
  • Don’t reach for anything
  • Hands out of pockets
  • Comply with instructions
What to say….

If the officer says “Do you know why I have stopped you?”  Think about it before you answer.  Try to restrain yourself from the answers you’d like to give, such as “No, I’m not a mind reader” Or if he asks “Do you have any I.D.” Don’t use your best Oklahoma accent and say “Bout’ what?” Much as it may seem like it, this is not an opportunity to test whether this officer has a sense of humor.  And just as important, it’s not the time to convey to him that you have a short fuse.

In short, just be patient and respectful, this isn’t going to take all day. Cops are imperfect too and can have bad days, so even if you are sure this stop is unjustified, it is best to say as little as possible, and have the discussion in court before a judge, he’s the only one who cares.  You do need to tell the officer if you are going to remain silent, and then do so.  Most of the time the officer would like to be polite and respectful, so help both him and yourself out by setting the example and beating him to it.

As much as everyone hates to get pulled over, the pain will be gone in a few minutes, hours, weeks or months, depending on what they have tagged you for, and how you respond.   It’s called experience, right, and who doesn’t enjoy opportunities to collect more of that!

Hoping you have a safe and ticket free 2018!

The Crampbuster Team