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Ready for 2021 Ready to Ride

By January 19, 2021Uncategorized

Ready for 2021 Ready to Ride

Are you ready for the New Year and for 2021 to start? Are you ready to ride?  To help get yourself in the right frame of mind, limit the amount of news you take in.

With so much news like:

  • Politics
  • Covid-19 Spread and Vaccines
  • Travel Bans

Common sense allows us to make good, safe decisions about the above, so that being said…..let’s change the subject and talk about getting ready for another riding season!   It’s almost here!


The internet has many articles about prepping your motorcycle for a spring ride.  Hopefully you put your motorcycle in storage as a clean machine.

Here is a brief list of what we need to do:

  1. First thing is to give your motorcycle a good cleaning. No doubt you put it away clean, so dusting with a microfiber cloth is all that could be needed.
  2. Check for oil leaks.
  3. Put on your glasses, you’re a year older now, and take a good look at the rubber parts, fuel lines and cables.
  4. Look at your wheels for tread wear, and look at your sprockets for worn and/or chipped teeth. Check the tire tread with a gauge and look at the date code.
  5. Condition your saddle with a high quality conditioner/cleaner.
  6. Put your battery on a tender to make sure it will start when asked to.
  7. Add new gas, as you should have drained the old gas when it went into storage.


It is always best to take your first ride along a road close to home and not on the freeway, just in case you missed something on your startup list.  After you have refreshed your motorcycle, take comfort that of the many possible hobbies and lifestyles, motorcycle riding is one of the safest when it comes to social distancing!  And remember to get your Crampbuster before your next long ride.  It doesn’t hurt to have a spare for your buddy too, just in case they forgot to get one!