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Purchasing a pre-owned motorcycle

By February 29, 2016July 5th, 2016News / Announcements

purchasing a pre-owned motorcyclePurchasing a pre-owned motorcycle presents a unique set of challenges. You may ask questions like “Has the bike been well maintained?”, “Are there mechanical defects I should be aware of?”,and “Is there something the seller isn’t telling me?” To alleviate the anxiety associated with purchasing a used motorcycle, there are steps that you can (and should) take, especially if you are buying from an individual seller.

First determine the value of the vehicle before you meet with the seller. When arranging to meet the seller, ask for the year, make, model and mileage. Use this information to check the value online. Use this as a baseline for negotiating the price with the seller.

Once you meet with the seller, carefully inspect the bike and make sure to ask the seller as many questions as possible. Don’t be afraid to take photos. You should verify the VIN number. Review the title/registration paperwork to make sure the number matches the VIN of the bike. Once you confirm the match, a quick call to your local police will tell you if the bike is owned by the person representing themselves as the seller. If the names don’t match, it’s a red flag and you should proceed with extreme caution.

Once a price has been set, ensure that the seller releases the title to you by signing the reverse side. Once completed, be sure to submit the sale information to the DMV so that they have record of the purchase. It is also important to contact your insurer so that your purchase is adequately covered.

When buying a used bike, you may not have the luxury of finding a motorcycle with the options you desire. Luckily, there are fantastic products available to make riding your new motorcycle more enjoyable. Long distance rides can become uncomfortable after hours of clenching your wrist. This can easily be corrected by installing a Crampbuster on your new bike. The Crampbuster is a cruise assist specially designed to alleviate wrist fatigue.  This type of cruise control allows for much easier throttle operation.

Using the Crampbuster eliminates throttle creep and offers more throttle control than a conventional motorcycle cruise control, especially when riding in town, on winding roads, or while cruising with your buddies. When you buy The Crampbuster, you’re purchasing an original design, not a copy or an imitation and are directly supporting the person who invented it.