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Preserving Your Motorcycle Memories

By March 24, 2017Main

Many a motorcycle enthusiast has fond memories from years of riding, and in some families it can practically be a heritage.  But what about taking steps for preserving and taking care of your motorcycling heritage?

Motorcycle rideBelow are some suggestions to help you ensure that your love of motorcycles is preserved for the next generation.

Digitize, Digitize, Digitize

It sounds like a pain now, but it is really important to have a digital record of your own motorcycle pictures as well as that of your family. This is something you can either do yourself or you can pay to have it done. If you are doing it yourself a flatbed scanner might be your safest bet. No matter which way you go just be careful. If there is something that you want to preserve that is fairly fragile (like an old book with a passage or photo you want to scan) rather than just throwing it on your scanner at home it might be worthwhile to have it looked at by a professional.

Preserve, Preserve, Preserve

We all have boxes and albums galore of photos, certificates, newspaper clippings, etc.  Don’t be put off by what might be lurking in those boxes and albums.  By having a look now and taking action you ensure your mementos last that much longer.

Make sure that you aren’t storing them where there is dampness and if you are planning on displaying any of these things be sure to keep them out of sunlight. It’s amazing what a nice bright sunny spot can do to a picture or document.  One resource we really liked was The National Archive (they know a thing or two about preservation). Here is a link to their website:

We hope this has, perhaps, inspired you to take a little more time preserving your motorcycle memories. In the mean time be sure to get out there and make some more. With a Crampbuster on your throttle you will be more comfortable doing it.