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Preparing to Travel Route 66 by Motorcycle

By April 21, 2017Main

This is the year to enjoy this world famous scenic route!  Where do you start, on the east or west coast?  That depends on where you live, or where you want to end up.  Are you going to make it a round trip or maybe you are going to ship your bike back home? Here are some tips to help you to prepare to travel route 66 by motorcycle.

Do your homework

The key to a great trip is research, you need to know the best route and check out to see if there are any detours along the way.  Are you a free spirit and want to take your time to see the quaint towns and people along the way?  So many articles are available on the internet on this epic route.  If you prefer a book we found this suggestion:  Route 66: EZ66 Guide for Travelers 2nd Edition. You can find a copy for yourself on Amazon at this link: EZ 66 Guide.

Grand Canyon PicrotateA guided tour

However, if you are new to cross country motorcycling then a guided tour might be the right option for you.  The tour company will have information on the best route and more than likely a chase car to help with the unexpected.  They will also have places for the best camping, restaurants, or hotels along the way.

Will you be taking your motorcycle or renting one?  The key words would be comfort and ease of handling.  Consider you are riding almost across the entire United States on various types of pavement and you want the best handling bike you can get.  Take the time to find the best fit for you and information about rentals.  Some tour companies will also have a motorcycle to rent in their tour packages.

Time of year

The consensus for the best time to make this trip is during the summer months or early fall.  Be sure and be prepared for the heat or occasional rain storm.  Riding in layers is key, but be sure to ride in protective gear no matter what the conditions are.  Allow enough time to make the trip worth it, at least 2 – 3 weeks is recommended.

A must have for any motorcycle trip is a Crampbuster, it is designed to help with hand fatigue for your throttle hand.  Feedback from some of our customers shows that they use it for the left hand too as a wrist rest.  Order yours ahead of time to make sure it arrives in time for the big adventure!  Our motto is “Ride in Comfort!”