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Night Riding

By August 30, 2016October 28th, 2016News / Announcements

Night RidingNight riding can be one of the most enjoyable experiences you will ever have on your motorcycle. However, night motorcycle riding can also be the most dangerous since it is harder for motorists to see you.

Flash Your Brakes:

When preparing to come to a stop, tap on your brakes a couple of times to alert the motorist behind you that you will be stopping. Using your brake light like a blinker can get the attention of a driver behind you who is distracted and not paying attention to the road.

Wear Visible Safety Gear:

Black gear may look good during the day but it makes it harder to see a motorcyclist at night. Instead, wear gear with high visibility that will draw a driver’s attention to you. If you prefer not to wear neon gear, there are reflective vests you can wear. Throw one on over your black jacket when it gets dark.

Use Reflective Tape:

This can be put on your motorcycle or on your gear. It will help other drivers to see you. This is an easy and affordable way to attract a driver’s attention.


LED lights can be added to any light on your motorcycle. They are much brighter than your typical bulb. This will also help others to see you.

Check Your Headlight Aiming Angle:

Check the angle that your headlight is in. Find out what the state maximum is and raise your headlight to that.

Stay Out of Blind Spots:

 Avoid blind spots as much as possible. Unfortunately, most drivers don’t look at their blind spot before switching lanes. You want to stay as visible as possible to other drivers on the road.

Crampbuster Cruise Assist:

Install a Crampbuster cruise assist on your throttle. This device is inexpensive and easy to install. The Crampbuster will reduce the distraction of whatever wrist discomfort you might be experiencing due to repeated throttling during long rides.

It can be dangerous to ride at night but you may find it is your favorite time to ride. Follow the tips above and stay safe out there!