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Motorcycle travelling tips and basics

By March 31, 2016News / Announcements

Motorcyclist in action in sunset lightEven though most people use their motorcycle to cruise down their city’s streets or go to the countryside, travelling across country borders is a unique experience. The roads are all yours, and you travel into an unknown adventure to experience something new, see new places, meet new people and get rid of the monotony of your daily life! But in order to avoid potential problems, prepare well for it!

This is a long journey, so be twice as careful as usual! Make sure you have enough money with you to complete your trip. Alack of documentation could ruin your journey, so make sure you have all the proper documentation needed. Keep them in a safe, but easily accessible place. Inform yourself about some basic laws and rules of the country you are travelling, its currency, prices, etc. Communication is important as well, so don’t be ashamed to ask people for directions.

Eat and sleep well before you set off and keep yourself hydrated during the journey. While riding a bike, clenching your throttle causes a lot of discomfort and fatigue the Crampbuster enables easier throttle control and can be helpful for long rides.

The technical part is just as important. Check if your motorcycle is in working condition. Bring a tool kit with you if you are able so you are prepared if something gets broken during the trip. When it comes to orientation, GPS is extremely useful, or you could do it the old school way and bring a paper map to help guide you along the way.

Travelling over borders requires quite some preparation, but it might be the best ride of your entire life. Good luck!