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Motorcycle Tours in New Zealand and Australia

By September 15, 2015March 10th, 2017Main

A fun way of touring are motorcycle tour motorcycle tours in New Zealand and Australia. Forget about the traditional tours where you get to visit ancient sites, museums and all the touristy places. Although all those places are good to visit, choose the open road and take a bike tour instead.

New Zealand is known as the “Paradise Down Under” and the “Most Beautiful End.” it offers everything you are looking for in a holiday destination. It has mountains, wild coasts, sandy beaches, glaciers rainforests and hot springs. The people who are there are all friendly, and the culture is amazing. There is a reason the Lord of The Rings franchise keeps shooting over there.

Australia offers an experience that parallels very few places. Australia offers dazzling marine life on the world largest coral reefs, rainforests, rock formation, unique wildlife, and the Australian people. It also has some of the most breathtaking landscapes on earth.

As you will be on the road on a motorcycle tour you will be able to see more of the countries and have great experiences at the same time. You will get to see how one part of the nation differs from the other in terms of landscapes and how the people are. You will ride on gravel and windy tracks. If you have the opportunity to ride your bike across the country, you will have access to desert crossing, bulldust holes, and outback towns.

Here are some motorcycle routes available to you.

Buller Gorge, New Zealand

It is located in the Northwest of the South Island of New Zealand. It is an incredible place to ride as the road winds along the Buller River in the deep canyon Murchison and Westport. This offer breathtaking views where you will get to see Upper and Lower Buller Gorge. To get there, you will ride from Punakaiki on the coastal highway and turn inland to Inangahua. Then you will head to Murchison where you will get to see the Buller River and straight to the Buller Gorge. The road has plenty of bends. You will get to climb the Gorge through the road that hugs the walls.

Haast Pass New Zealand

This is a mountain pass in the Southern Alps of the South Island of New Zealand. Through this pass, the road crosses over the Southern Alps. The road was officially tarmacked in 1995 and provides an excellent riding opportunity for anyone who would like to ride their motorbikes between mountains. The road is sparsely populated leaving you to ride in parts of nature that seemed to be untouched by human beings. The road goes through an unmodified beech forest, and it is saddled between the Haast Valley and Makarora Rivers. The road is steep, twisty, and it has waterfall walks along the way.

Kennedy Highway Australia

Is a highway found in Northern Queensland. It is a stretch of 243km from Smithfield to Undara Volcanic National Parks. The highway is two lanes where you get to enjoy the full breadth of the road either being alone or in a group of riders. The road is smooth, and it has a few corners and provides you with a beautiful scenic view of the Australian landscape. The road has some relatively long straights where you can push your motorcycle to the legal limit. There is also less traffic for your complete enjoyment.

Avoid Hand Cramps

You will be on the road for around 200 -300km and it could be more if you decide to be a bit more adventurous to see more what New Zealand and Australia has to offer. You may find your hands start to cramp and feel numb. If you haven’t tried one before, try a CrampBuster. The CrampBuster an accessory for your throttle grip, which will help you ride longer and with more comfort. This inexpensive accessory could make your tour of New Zealand and Australia even better.