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Motorcycle Survival Kit

By July 3, 2017Main

All of us live in areas where natural disasters can strike and a lot of us are prepared for those emergencies when it comes to our house or our cars. While we were going over our emergency gear recently it got us to thinking, what about those who are out on their motorcycle?   A little emergency preparation could save your life should a disaster strike while you are on your bike, especially if you are planning a long distance ride.

Here are a few suggestions for a motorcycle survival kit.


We know space is limited on a motorcycle but there are options that are high in calories but small and compact, perfect for an emergency. Some of the survival rations we have bought are the Datrex three day emergency food bars. They come vacuum sealed in a handy cube.  Another we have purchased are the Millennium Energy bars. They are about the size of a granola bar and are 400 calories each. We can’t vouch for the taste (they are for emergencies after all) but in an emergency that aspect may be low down on the priority scale. Do your homework and you will find something that works for you.


This is a no-brainer. Always carry water, especially if you are traveling far.  There are also personal water filter straws (ex. LifeStraw) that can help to filter water from streams, puddles, etc.


A flashlight is another must.  There are a lot of small high powered flashlights on the market that would work great for an emergency.  Just be sure to be diligent in checking your flashlight out periodically. There is nothing worse than finding the batteries corroded inside (speaking from experience). Make sure it’s kept in a dry spot.  And remember should your flashlight fail your smartphone probably has a flashlight on it.

Rain GearMotorcyclist in action in sunset light

Here in Oregon weather can change in a moment. Make sure to have some simple light rain gear that you can pack down small enough to fit on your bike.

First Aid Kit

You just never know when you are going to need this for yourself or to help a fellow rider.  Make sure it is small and has the necessaries like gauze, antiseptic, bandages, gloves, pain reliever. There are a lot of compact first aid kits to choose from and for the most part they are inexpensive.

A Plan has a really nice wallet sized form that is great for having all of the information you may need in case of an emergency. It has sections such as where to meet up with your family in case of an emergency along with tons of space for other emergency information. Check it out here under download and print a plan:


We have also heard of people carrying extra gas just in case they run out. But be careful and research what the safest way to carry it is.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but hopefully it will at least get you started in getting your motorcycle emergency ready. Hopefully you never find yourself in an emergency, but if you do you will be glad you planned for it.

Of course, when you’re out there in the wide world don’t forget your light, compact Crampbuster.  You won’t regret it.