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Motorcycle Slang for the Beginner Part 2

By March 10, 2017Main

We enjoyed so much last time writing about motorcycle slang for beginners that we thought why not have a part 2? Can you ever learn enough slang, really? Here it is part 2. We hope you enjoy!

Some new words:

Airheads: It’s not the candy and it’s not a silly person. It’s a BMW Motorcycle with an air-cooled engine.

Busa: A Suzuki Hayabusa

Catwalk: A purportedly British way of saying wheelie. This may be good for anyone hoping to add a little international flavor to their lingo.

Coupon: No, this isn’t as nice as it sounds. It’s not a 2 for 1 dinner. Unfortunately, it is a speeding ticket. At least, it sounds nicer telling people you got a coupon from your local law enforcement official.

Endo: It’s a reverse wheelie. The back tire is off the ground, not the front. Not recommended by us for sure. We don’t want it to be the “endo” you. (Sorry, Couldn’t pass that up)

Farkle: Not to be confused with the game. Farkle is a fun way to say aftermarket accessories.  One dictionary said it was a combination of function and sparkle. Put those terms together and you got yourself some farkle.

Gixxer: A Suzuki GSX-R.

Grocery Getter: This one goes beyond the limits of the motorcycle world. It’s essentially any practical sort of car that is fantastic for lugging your groceries back home. Think a Toyota Corolla.  Really, everyone should have a good grocery getter. You don’t want to use your bike for that sort of thing!

Sissy Bar: This particular one is probably pretty well known, but just in case. It is a backrest for your passenger.

Super Slab: A nice way to say freeway or any other big stretch of open road. Just imagine instead of saying I am going to hit the freeway, saying I am going to hit the super slab.

Now, hit the road:

So those are a few more terms that we feel might be useful to you. Missing part one? Here is a link:  At, the very, least some are just plain fun to say. With some new words added to your vocabulary and a Crampbuster on your bike, you and your wrist should be ready for riding season.