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Motorcycle Safety Tips

By July 1, 2016August 17th, 2016News / Announcements

Motorcycle SafetyIt’s summertime. You’ve got the time and perfect weather conditions to take a ride on your motorcycle. Enjoying time on your motorcycle is great, but with motorcyclists 30 times more likely than passenger car occupants to die in an accident, it’s important to prepare yourself and your bike before you hit that open road. Here are some Motorcycle Safety Tips.

It can get pretty hot in the summer sun and you may be tempted to nix some of your protective gear. Since your gear is your best defense against spin outs and crashes, opt instead for specially-designed helmets, jackets, footwear and gloves that are ventilated. To make sure cars can spot you, choose clothing with reflective trim if you’re not crazy about bright colors, or add your own reflectors to existing gear. This is especially important if you are riding at dusk or at night.

Whether it’s the first time you’re riding this year or not, take a moment to inspect your motorcycle before you take it out. It is a good habit to get into and can help you avoid dangerous situations. It might make the difference between life and death. The first thing you want to confirm is that the tread on your tires is in good shape and that they have the correct amount of air pressure. Check the lever tension on your brakes make sure that is not loose. If the tension does feel loose then check your brake pads to make sure they are not worn down. You also want to check all of your fluids and check underneath the bike for any leaks.  Make sure to test all your lights and signals before heading out.

Another great tip for easy summer riding is to cut down on cramping and fatigue in your hand with a Crampbuster cruise assist from This device easily wraps around your motorcycle’s grip, allowing you easy, comfortable control of your throttle with a relaxed hand. It requires you to exert less energy, so you can conserve strength and concentration for other maneuvering.

Have a good time on your motorcycle, but don’t be lulled into a casual approach to safety while enjoying the sunshine. Pay attention and stay sharp. Don’t think that cars can always see you coming up behind them, or to the side of them.

No matter what you do, don’t ever operate your motorcycle if you are sleepy, or under the influence of alcohol or any kind of drug.

Now you’re all set to enjoy the fresh air and freedom of motorcycle riding.