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Motorcycle Magazines

By October 30, 2017Main

Writing this blog it is late October and the fall colors are awesome and the air is crisp.  Winter is coming, though, and riding in the snow and rain isn’t particularly appealing for many.  If you get tired of internet surfing and being tied to the computer or tablet, why not find a good motorcycle magazine to thumb through?  So what to read while by the fire having a warm drink? Something with well written articles and, of course, pictures are a must.

Here are some descriptions of a few of our favorite motorcycle magazines:

RoadRunner Motorcycle Touring & Travel

This is a high quality magazine. They have travel stories, Tankbag Maps, Motorcycle and Product Reviews, Shamrock Tours, special interest sections, and awesome photography. A one year subscription (6 issues) is $29.95 Online & Print Price with downloadable maps. You get a lot for your subscription!

Backroads USA

One magazine we enjoy is Backroads.  You get a real sense of community when you flip through it’s pages.  Largely an east coast magazine, it still has plenty of appeal even for those on the west coast. They even have ice cream articles and diner run articles just in case you might be in that area looking for a good bite to eat.

1 year subscription (12 issues) is $40.00

Rider Magazine

This magazine is just flat out a good price. $14.97 for 12 issues? Definitely affordable. This is a magazine that has been around for a long time, so it has to be good.

These are just 3 motorcycle magazines we like and of course over the years we have had the privilege of working with the advertising staff from all of these magazines.  They have featured the Crampbuster at one time or another.

Happy reading and hibernating!

The Crampbuster Team