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Motorcycle Camping

By April 15, 2016July 5th, 2016News / Announcements

Motorcycle camping – a lifetime adventure!Dakar adventure

Most motorcyclists are extremely passionate about riding their bike. A random ride can reduce stress, relax you or put a certain amount of excitement in your life. However, going into the wilds with your motorcycle takes it all to a whole new level. Finding yourself in a natural environment combined with riding your motorcycle is a lifetime experience. If you take all required preparations, you will not regret it.

As this is “motorcycle camping”, one part of it will be spent on the road, while the other part is stationary. Safety is significant during the ride, so make sure your bike works properly and bring a tool kit with you in case you need to repair it. Sleep well before you set off and do not get overly tired while riding. Riding a bike requires clenching your throttle for a long time, so a Crampbuster cruise assist might come in handy. Gas is just as important, so know where to find gas stations!

In a nutshell, food, drink, clothing and shelter is what you need for camping. Because you are travelling with a motorcycle, remember not to carry something overly heavy. Water is one of the most important factors. You don’t need to bring your whole kitchen with you. Instead, focus on bringing some light, nutritious snacks and water with you. The rest you can buy in local markets on the way.

If you travel on your own, you are supposed to be flexible, so bring a small and light weight tent with you. If you are even more of a naturalist and If the weather is nice, you can improvise or sleep outside in a sleeping bag! Choose a good location for camping – one with level ground and no vulnerability to storms, floods, etc. Weather changes quickly, so bring sufficient clothes with you, depending on when and where you are camping. You are in the wilderness, and you might get dirty so have some spare clothes! All of this might take too much space, so compress It all as much as possible!

With the right preparations, this will be an unforgettable adventure! Take some photos too and enjoy the adventure!