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Bluetooth for your Motorcycle

By June 16, 2017Main

Why not consider a Bluetooth for your motorcycle? No longer do you have to ride in silence or get lost.  Of course, there may be times when silence is what you need.  However, Bluetooth technology is a must have for many to enjoy riding their motorcycle in this day and age!  Not only is it convenient but it makes your ride safer.  Bluetooth makes it easier to stay connected with others as you are riding.  Connected to your phone, you can make calls, listen to music, or follow commands from your GPS.  All this while remaining hands free so you can stay alert to your surroundings.

As you begin your search you will need to factor in the following:Motorcycle Safety

  • Cost
  • Ease of use
  • Warranty
  • Return policy
  • Customer satisfaction

Word of mouth from your fellow riders is the best.  Online reviews can be helpful, as long as they are from real customers.

One Option

As we took a look at the latest gadgets it seemed that Sena has proven to be the best on the current market.  They have several versions and styles to take a look at.  Over the years they have evolved to the high tech versions we see today.  The Bluetooth ability is very capable for pairing with your phone, camera or riding partner.  In the times we live in, we have come to expect no less.

Sena 20S EVO is the latest in Sena’s Bluetooth communications line.  It has the ability to stay in touch with up to eight other riders up to a distance of 2km or 1.2 miles.  It delivers a clear audio for intercom conversations, yet delivers stereo Bluetooth for your music.  We found the feature of multitasking interesting. The audio features won’t interrupt each other but will simply overlay.  Once paired with a Bluetooth device, you will find that you can control the technology by hands free voice commands.  Don’t forget to update your device by taking a look at the website for the latest downloads and bug releases.

You can find a link to their website here:

Just as Bluetooth communication has helped the motorcycle rider enjoy their ride, so has the Crampbuster.  It’s a throttle assist that eliminates the need to twist and hold the throttle open, just rest your palm and relax.  This simple device will give you miles of pain-free riding.  Invented and patented in the United States in the 80’s over hundreds of thousands of riders have enjoyed them.