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How To Pick The Best Yamaha Motorcycle Cruise Control

By February 9, 2012January 6th, 2015Main

Endurance is the name of the game in long distance riding, as any experienced motorcyclist will tell you. Cruise control is not just a luxury when making a lengthily trip; it’s a necessity. Nothing beats the feeling of you and your Yamaha on the open road, but without cruise control you may quickly find you’ve taken on a nasty stowaway called rider fatigue. If you’ve ever made a long trip without cruise control you’ve likely found yourself forced into taking a break because of a sore shoulder, wrist, or cramped muscles. But cruise control isn’t just expensive; a locked throttle makes navigating winding roads and dynamic cruising a headache as well. Fortunately, finding a quality Yamaha motorcycle cruise control option doesn’t have to empty your wallet, or negatively effect your control.

Weighing Your Options: Traditional Versus Alternative Yamaha Motorcycle Cruise Control Devices

Yamaha Motorcycle Cruise Control

The Crampbuster was designed with usability and comfort in mind. Backed by it's one year warranty, it is a great alternative to an expensive cruise control.

Some riders are skeptical of cruise control alternatives, but who can blame them? Legitimate products that present themselves as not only an inexpensive, but often more functional option seem too good to be true. This shouldn’t stop you from taking a look at the Crampbuster, a cruise control substitute for motorcycles.

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Traditionally, the only cheap alternative to electronic cruise control was to use a throttle locking device. This method works by providing friction resistance to the throttle grip’s twisting motion. Throttle locks are relatively easy to install, but may require you to make permanent alterations to your motorcycle, so should only be undertaken by person who knows what they are doing. Although usually much cheaper than an electric system, throttle locks can actually be dangerous, especially in turns and unexpected emergency situations. Most experienced riders have a frightening tale involving incidents that happened to them or a friend due to a throttle lock mishap.

Electronic cruise control is safer than throttle locking devices, and operates exactly as it would in a car or truck, meaning it can disengage without any input from the rider. But, just as you may have experienced in a car with cruise control, you’ll find that automated cruise control systems react in exactly the wrong way when dealing with acceleration. This burns more gasoline than an active driver ever would. Finally, like any other mechanical device, the more complicated the device, the more prone it will be to malfunction and cost you more money in repairs. Overall, electronic cruise control devices are excellent products, but why spend all that money when you can get a great result for hundreds of dollars less?

The Crampbuster offers an elegant solution to the problem of rider fatigue, at a cost even cheaper than a throttle lock, without compromising safety. At just $10.95 per device, there is no solution more affordable on the market today. The Crampbuster is a device that is often referred to as a “wrist rest”. By not locking down the throttle you will find that you don’t need to give up finer vehicle control, while still allowing you to rest your hand when needed. Installation is also a breeze, and takes just minutes, and can be removed just as easily.

Not All Cruise Assist Devices Are the Same Are Created Equal

It is often said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and the Crampbuster cruise assist device has shown itself to have many admirers in the marketplace these days. But consumers should also remember that other maxim, that nothing beats the real thing. It may seem like such a simple mechanism could easily be duplicated, but appearances can be deceiving. Don’t take chances with your safety by going with an off-brand product to fill your Yamaha motorcycle cruise control needs.

The Crampbuster was the first grip control cruise assist on the market, and takes pride in producing the highest quality product on the market because of that. Each device comes with a one year guarantee, with free unit replacement in the unlikely event that your cruise assist paddle should break, making the Crampbuster the best value in a Yamaha motorcycle cruise control product on the market today.

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