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Getting Your Touring Motorcycle Ready

By February 17, 2017March 10th, 2017Main

The weather is warming up. Time to break out your touring motorcycle. What better time than now to make sure that is ready for it’s next big tour? This can seem a bit daunting, especially after a long winter. But a little forethought and it shouldn’t hit you or your wallet too hard!

First things first, Check out your bike:

This seems pretty obvious but sometimes when we are just itching to hit the open road we can be a little too hasty. One important consideration is how much weight can your motorcycle carry? It’s a pretty good idea to know this before you load up your motorcycle. Check your owner’s manual, even if you feel like you remember from the year before, to be sure as to what a safe weight for your motorcycle is. One article we liked from Road Runner magazine on getting your bike touring ready can be found here:

Think of where you might be going:

It can be really fun to get new gear, but there is the temptation for overkill. Try to think of how far you will be going, how long you will be gone. It’s also good to consider the elements you will be facing. Also, why not have a good long look at your garage.  Might be some gear in there that could come in handy. Besides, with all of the money you save using gear you already have you might be able to buy a really nice piece of gear that you don’t have.

Connect with other riders:

Sometimes hanging around your local motorcycle shop can pay off.  You can pick other rider’s brains as to which items they can’t live without.

A Few Suggestions
  • Weather Appropriate Gear
  • Luggage Racks & Cases
  • Ear Plugs
  • Tool Kit
  • First Aid Kit

These are just a few suggestions to get you out there on the road. Of course, we can’t forget to mention the importance of a Crampbuster to help keep your throttle hand nice and comfortable. Happy Riding!