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Five Fantastic Gifts for Motorcycle Riders

By November 30, 2015Main

gift giving ideas for motorcycle riders

Maybe the weather isn’t perfect for riding at the moment, but you don’t get the chance to rip open exciting goodies every day. We’re going to look at the top gifts for motorcycle riders to help you choose something for your loved one, and even if the bike enthusiast is you, our list should offer a few cool ideas.

The Crampbuster

Do you ever dread going on long rides because you know it’s only a matter of time before your wrist gets tired? Once you’re out on the open road you should feel great, but it’s hard when you’re in pain and concentration becomes an issue. That is why some genius designed the Crampbuster, a small accessory designed to let you maintain steady throttle control without your wrist feeling ready to fall off. They come in an assortment of sizes depending on the motorcycle you ride, and you’ll definitely be able to find one that fits. If you are looking for great gifts for motorcycle riders this is a great one because it is inexpensive yet so valuable!

Anti Monkey Butt Powder

Riding along the road with a fatigued wrist is bad enough, but when you find it difficult to sit down because you’re chafing, you know it’s not going to end well. Once the inside of your thighs start to burn you’ll want to jump off and pull your pants down. Anti Monkey Butt Powder is as cool as the name implies, because it will absorb any excess sweat and your skin won’t be irritated due to friction. It can be sprinkled down the inside of your pants. You can also pour some into your motorcycle boots.

TomTom Rider

Motorcycle riders are at a disadvantage because even if they have a passenger they can’t use maps. The last thing you need is to cause a pile-up when your map lands directly on a car windscreen, so you’ll need a suitable motorcycle GPS navigation unit. They don’t come any better than the TomTom Rider, the latest device to hit the market. It has a large five-inch touch screen you can use with your gloves on. It’s completely waterproof, the speedy processor will help you calculate routes quickly, and you’ll reach your destination a lot quicker than in the past.

An Expensive Key Ring

An expensive key ring is similar to an expensive lighter or wallet. The person receiving the gift wouldn’t buy it for themselves because they wouldn’t see the value in it, but if a motorcycle rider is gifted a luxury key ring, they’ll treasure it and that is what makes this one of the top gifts for motorcycle riders. You can add it to the list of objects someone uses multiple times per day for years and years. It’s also the perfect way to guarantee they never lose their keys again because they won’t want to let the key ring out of their sight – but for this to be effective you should wave the receipt in their face until they appreciate the value of this new gift.

GoPro HERO4 Session

There might be a few helmet cameras out at the moment, but none come close to the GoPro HERO4 Session. It’s the most extreme action camera in existence, and the new design is even cooler than the older model. Motorcycle riders shouldn’t assume they transform into Evil Knievel when wearing the gadget, so nothing dangerous should be attempted in an effort to shoot a cool video. That doesn’t mean it’s not possible to get some good footage when you’re out riding, plus you’ll also have proof if any drivers try any funny business.

Squeezed Inside a Stocking

All of these gifts for motorcycle riders are small but they’re certainly no less amazing than something much larger. They all vary in price and the gift you buy will depend on who it’s for, but a true motorcycle enthusiast will appreciate any of them.