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First Cross Country Motorcycle Trip: A Good Time to Plan Now

By October 31, 2016Main

The winter creep is upon us. Many of us will find ourselves indoors a whole lot more than maybe we would like. If you have the circumstances, now could be the time to plan that epic cross country motorcycle trip you have dreamed about. Remember you have the winter to plan something awesome. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Think of what you really want to see:

How many of us, at times, have found ourselves on vacation seeing sites that we don’t care a thing about? Prevent that now. Think of all of the sites you have always wanted to see. Then map your route accordingly.  Stuck for ideas? It may not hurt to check out trip advisor .   Sometimes it’s nice to relax with a nice paper map, for some area specific maps to purchase try America Rides Maps . They have loads of maps that are geared towards the motorcyclist.  

Be honest with your riding endurance:

 That can be easier said than done at times, so it’s good to think of it now so you can calculate the amount you drive every day. When calculating the amount you will be riding everyday it’s very important to be realistic. Remember you are on vacation and nothing ruins a good vacation like a bad motorcycle accident due to fatigue.

If you find that your endurance is much lower than you would like, take smaller trips beforehand to build up your endurance. That way you will be ready for the big one.

Pack wisely

As with any trip, big or small, it’s important to pack wisely. A cross country motorcycle trip is no different. If anything it is even more important because space is at a premium.  One helpful packing tip is to roll your clothes. It takes up a lot less space than folding does. Also since you have the time, come up with a really good packing list.  It will save you time when you are packing.

Enjoy yourself!

We have all heard the cliché I need a vacation from my vacation. Don’t let that be you. Be sure to slow down and enjoy the things you really want to see. Don’t cram too much into your trip and be sure to plan for plenty of relaxation. Being on a motorcycle for long stretches  you will want some rest. To add to your enjoyment be sure to bring along your Crampbuster cruise assist to keep your wrist comfortable!

Happy Riding!