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Fall Motorcycle Riding in the Rain

By October 18, 2022Uncategorized

Fall Motorcycle Riding in Rain


It’s that time of year, beautiful colors to see and crisp air to breathe.  Along with these delights also comes the rain.  How do you prepare to ride in the rain?  Here are some little tidbits as reminders.


  • Falling leaves can add to loss of traction and stability as they build up on the roadway.
  • Oil rises to the surface so watch for foam or that rainbow look on pavement.
  • Carry plastic or baggies to cover your exposed items.
  • Bring an extra pair of gloves, socks, pants and jacket to change into.  Extra planning waterproof your gear.
  • Have goggles or a shield on your helmet, rain pelting on the skin, hurts.
  • Make yourself visible to others.  Rainy days make it hard for everyone to see.  High-Vis is a good idea.
  • Know how much tread you have on your tires.  This is a key safety point!
  • Slow down, don’t be in a hurry.


This year we have had wonderful weather to ride in Oregon.  Not too much smoke from fires and a long summer.  So, enjoy your fall riding and don’t forget to get your Crampbuster for those trips!


US DOT Road Weather Management