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Best Gifts for the Motorcycle Enthusiast

By November 15, 2015November 25th, 2015Main

Best Gifts for the Motorcycle Enthusiast

For a motorcycle enthusiast, nothing beats a comfortable ride. The ultimate goal of this gift idea is to ensure you a long, comfortable ride. To capture your great passion for motorcycling, it’s time to give your bike another new product to enhance its comfort.

Are you experiencing problems with your throttle hand? Does a tired wrist, sore wrist, hand fatigue or cramping sound familiar? If not, does your glove pinch the meaty part of your hand once in a while? Well, relax. The Crampbuster will add comfort, eliminate all the above problems and make riding more enjoyable.

Crampbuster is a cruise-assist accessory that fits effortlessly onto the throttle of your bike. It enhances comfort by ensuring you maintain steady throttle control on your motorcycle. It reduces wrist fatigue caused by long rides by eliminating the need to clench your wrist for prolonged periods of time. Crampbuster guarantees your comfort and makes riding more enjoyable.

How is Crampbuster designed?

The Crampbuster is so easy to use that no manual is needed. It requires no external tools to install it: just spring it open, slip it on and there you have it! Basically, it is very easy to operate and is more versatile compared to other traditional and motorcycle cruise controls. The Crampbuster is a motorcycle cruise assist, offering the advantage of having your hand relaxed on the throttle and ensuring easier throttle operation.

How does the Crampbuster work?

Crampbuster works on the same principle as an oil filter wrench. Once it’s installed, it rotates clockwise (upward) for adjustment, but pinches when rotated counter-clockwise (downward) when riding; this is automatically caused by the weight of your hand. When riding it pinches the grip, pulling the throttle open. To increase the speed of your cruise, simply give it a little lift (it will rotate up clockwise) then rest your hand back on it. To decelerate, spin it up clockwise completely around until it assumes a position slightly lower than before. For safety reasons this adjustment should be performed while stopped.

Why a Crampbuster?

  1. a) It offers better throttle control than a conventional motorcycle cruise control. Especially while cruising through towns when a conventional electronic cruise must be disengaged.
  2. b) It is a motorcycle grip control and not a cruise throttle lock.
  3. c) It can comfortably service you for a long time without breaking, giving you great service for your money.
  4. d) It is affordable. In fact, just $10.95+ S/H. All models cost the same.
  5. e) Crampbuster is an original design. No imitations are available so you are guaranteed its 100% original when purchasing it.

What sizes of the Crampbuster are available?

Crampbuster comes in six different models. Its models are both feminine and masculine; therefore, if you are a female motorcyclist, don’t feel left out. It also comes in a wide range of colors. There are two sizes:

(a) Standard.

The standard regular size is 1 1/8 inch in diameter and fits most stock grips.

(b) Oversize. The wide oversize size is 1 3/8 inch in diameter and fits larger grips. The oversize is only for motorbikes with a grip larger than one and 3/8 inches in diameter; if not, it will only slip.

The two sizes are what determine the model you choose. You have the option of either having the narrow model or the new short/wide model. The finishes available include: black, pink, and chrome-plated plastic finish.

Benefits of Crampbuster

  • It reduces wrist fatigue, overall hand fatigue and cramping.
  • Ensures full throttle control with a relaxed hand.
  • It comfortably fits your hand.
  • Throttle operation is made easier.
  • Eliminates throttle creep.
  • It does not lock the throttle on.

How can you get one?

You can get your Crampbuster today by either placing your order online or purchasing it in person at most stores that carry motorcycle accessories.

In conclusion, Crampbuster is the ultimate solution to a comfortable and enjoyable long ride. Avoid hand fatigue, wrist fatigue, tired wrist, sore wrist and cramping by having it fitted on your motorcycle today. All the best as you take the road with your new fitted Crampbuster!