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Autumn Motorcycle Rides with the BEST views!

By October 15, 2015October 26th, 2015Main

How long has it been since you last rode your motorcycle? Is it dusty and sitting in the garage? If so, keep reading.

If not, then our question to you is: how long has it been since you rode your bike for pleasure, not to run errands or go to work?

When was the last time you felt the freedom of a highway – a highway that can take you to beautiful places and unexpected adventures? When was the last time you felt the wind in your hair and the power of the bike beneath you, tearing along miles and miles of concrete?

Exhilarating, huh?

Now that autumn is here and the skies are beautiful all day, it is the absolute perfect time to take your motorcycle out for a ride.

We compiled a list of some of the best autumn motorcycle rides and routes for this time of year, so you can take advantage of this autumn with motorcycle cruise control. No excuses! Even if your hands hurt or you have cramps or tired wrists from long rides, we’ve got the solution for you!

Crampbuster is the cruise assist you need, with six different models designed to let you stretch your hands while you ride. It reduces the fatigue in your hand and still allows full throttle control. The six models come in an array of sizes to best fit the needs of every rider out there, ensuring the level of comfort you need. Plus, they are easy to install, and all sell for the same low price of $10.95. Don’t believe us? Check out the awesome reviews by thousands of people who have tried it!

So, for those long cruises you are about to enjoy, get your own CrampBuster and make them even more enjoyable. Now start picturing the beautiful landscapes of these places. We guarantee you will love them! Get your itinerary ready; call your gang, your friends, and put that helmet on your head. Fast or slow, you won’t want to miss anything around you on these gorgeous autumn motorcycle rides and routes.

  1. Route 66 – the mother road that’s accessible in many regions in the USA. This is prime time to see all the colors fall has to offer, the intense reds and oranges. You can even make a pit stop at the Grand Canyon!
  2. State Route 82 – before it gets all covered with snow why don’t you enjoy the proximity of huge mountains galore, snowy peaks and nice towns to get some homey food stops.
  3. Highway 1 – Take a trip down the coast and get the best of both worlds: endless blue ocean on one side, and on the other, expanses of forests changing color.
  4. Scenic Route 105 – 90-degree turns and hilly roads through orchards and farmlands near state parks and colorful mountains – definitely a road you want to visit.
  5. Texas Hill Country – As you ride through the picturesque Texas hill country you’ll find not only great food and people, but beautiful, wide open flatlands that convey the enormity of the state.
  6. Michigan – Here you can ride through an endless array of tunnels made of overhanging trees. Can you imagine the millions of reddish, orange and yellowish hues you’ll see as you pass under the canopies of trees?
  7. Virginia – The Blue Ridge Highway passes through countryside overlooking the incredible Smokey Mountains. If you want to surround yourself with amazing scenery, this is the place to be!
  8. North Carolina / The Devil’s Whip – Are you ready to take the Devil by his beard? Well, this road offers more than 300 curves. Pay respect to the millions of bikers who have lost their lives on the mountain roads, but be sure to enjoy the views.
  9. South Dakota / Needles Highway – Sturgis, South Dakota hosts the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and gives riders breathtaking views of the needle-like mountains of the Black Hills, along with the chance to pass through tunnels with granite walls.