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Ash Can Damage Motorcycle Paint

By September 16, 2020Main, Uncategorized

This year 2020 has been devastating for the West Coast of the United States due to wildland fires.  As the fires begin to subside we take time to think and reflect.  You may notice that the ash has landed on your motorcycle, time to do something about that!

How did you protect your motorcycle paint from ash from wildland fires?  Most likely your bike has been in the garage during a wild fire.  However if you ride your bike to work or had to evacuate and your bike had to be left outside this is a problem.

If you were unable to cover your motorcycle than you have to think about how to get the ash off.  Ash is very abrasive.  It is also very alkaline, so you don’t want to just dust off your motorcycle.  Expert say to start with just plain water from the garden hose.  Rinse the surface very thoroughly.   Look for a pH balance car wash soap.  A pH level of 7 is neutral, numbers less than 7 increases in acidity.  Numbers that are larger than 7 increases in alkalinity.   Ash is high in alkalinity so a soap that is pH balance will do a good job without damaging your paint finish.

Washing 101

  • Start from the top and rinse towards the bottom, that makes sense right.
  • Do not use sponges or clothes that collect particles and can be abrasive to the paint as you wash.
  • Use a spray foam gun if you have one. it lubricates the surface.
  • Do straight lines, no circles.
  • Use a wash bucket and rinse bucket.
  • Use a cloud 9 dry towel or something similar  and pat it dry.

Info about ash and car paint:  The Car Connection

Soon fall and winter will bring an end to these terrible destructive wildfires!  Our thoughts go out to those who have suffered loss.

The Crampbuster Team~