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Sportbikes are built for riders who lean into life, who thrive on all-out power and performance. Still, a long day of ripping through twisties and twisting the throttle can wear on your wrist and compromise your performance. If you want to keep the thrills going longer, then a sportbike cruise control may be your solution. But what kind? You will find a variety of choices available in sportbike cruise control mechanisms, including big-ticket mechanical sportbike cruise control systems, and simple yet effective add-on devices as well. The Crampbuster is a sportbike cruise assist device that has taken off as a popular solution for steady sportbike throttle control because the rider remains in direct, instant control. The Crampbuster disengages instantly when you lift your palm. It allows you to rest your wrist on the device in comfort without tensely gripping the throttle throughout the adventure. Some other add-on devices and mechanical sportbike cruise controls require an additional, distracting movement to disengage the cruise. The Crampbuster installs quickly and easily so you can rest your wrist and still let ‘er rip!