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Looking for a BMW motorcycle cruise control? BMW cruiser motorcycles are built for optimal performance with the finest materials and comfort enough for all-day riding. While the smooth ride makes you want to ride hundreds of miles of twisting curves, the stress of gripping the throttle that long can cramp the adventure. There are a number of choices available in BMW motorcycle cruise control mechanisms. You will find big-ticket mechanical BMW motorcycle cruise control systems on one end of the spectrum, and effective add-on devices at the other. Our basic BMW motorcycle cruise control device, the Crampbuster, has grown to become a very popular solution because it disengages instantly, is easy to install, and it’s inexpensive. After installing the Crampbuster, you can rest your wrist on the device comfortably and no longer have to clutch the throttle. Mechanical BMW motorcycle cruise controls and some other add-on devices require additional movement to disengage the cruise function. The Crampbuster allows you direct control of your throttle – simply raise or lower your palm for instant reactions. Save your wrist the stress of a constant grip, and maintain safety with immediate throttle control with a Crampbuster.